U.S.A Campaign pins Buttons for President

Hallo Ich Biete über diesen weg eine super selten gewordene sammelung alter Buttons  made in USA und pins an , habe jahre gesucht und ab und an auch gefunden es sind ganz seltene exenplare dabei die schon über 100jahre alt sind bitte bedenken sie das so sachen zu der zeit schnell auf dem mühl  gekommen sind  gebe auch einzelne stücke ab wenn der sammler wert stimmt


Hi I gone through this Offer a super rare collecting old buttons and pins made ​​in USA, have sought for years and every now and then found it's very rare exenplare while the already over 100years of age please consider the so things at the time have quickly come to the mill to  give  individual pieces for collectors when the true value is


One might think that campaign pins or buttons are newer inventions but the first political button actually dates back to George Washington's inauguration.


Advertising pinbacks, sometimes featuring cartoon characters, were often given away as premiums with cigarettes or newspaper subscriptions, or handed out at stores. They were also given as fan club premiums, as part of the membership package. On the political side, pinbacks were given away at campaign rallies.

Some pinbacks are hard to find today because so many were simply worn and thrown away. Collectors also seek to assemble entire pinback series (for example comic character pinbacks) and finding every pinback in a large series can be quite difficult.


Next time, more pins and buttons, etc.
    From this home page when they have intrese write me or call me these beautiful things to get a new collector, if the price is right.
Please not in English, because I can not speak English or very little





For President Big 3 1/2" (8,8 cm )classic design
For President Big 3 1/2" (8,8 cm )classic design